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sample letters

Mortgage Protection Scams

Mortgage Protection Insurance notices that appear to come from your lender You just refinance your mortgage or purchase a home and within a few weeks you start receiving official looking, Important Notice, Final Notice letters that appear to be from…

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Smart Debt Pay Off Tips

Smart Debt Relief Tips

How to Smartly Pay Off Debt Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all plan to get rid of old debt. However, here are some smart tips to help get you on your way to being debt free. Pay off high-interest rates first.…

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MythBusters Take on Credit Unions

Credit Union Myths Busted Busting the 10 most common myths about credit unions. Myth #1: You must meet strict eligibility requirements. Fact: While credit unions do require members meet certain requirements, most of these are pretty broad, and few truly…

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