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Winter Ready Car
Winter Ready Car

New Cars

Rates as low as1
5.99% APR*

Click for All New Vehicle Loan Rates

New Vehicles: 2023 & New*
Credit Score750+749-700699-660659-630629-600599-0
Up to 36 Months5.99%6.24%6.74%7.74%8.74%10.74%
37 to 48 Months6.74%6.99%7.49%8.49%9.49%11.49%
49 to 60 Months6.99%7.24%7.74%8.74%9.74%11.74%
61 to 72 Months7.49%7.74%8.24%9.24%10.24%12.24%
73 to 84 Months7.74%7.99%8.49%9.49%10.49%12.49%
Up to 100% of Purchase Price + Taxes & Fees

Used Cars

Rates as low as2
6.99% APR*

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Used Vehicles: 2018-2022*
Credit Score750+749-700699-660659-630629-600599-0
Up to 36 Months6.99%7.24%7.74%8.74%9.74%11.74%
37 to 48 Months7.24%7.49%7.99%8.99%9.99%11.99%
49 to 60 Months7.49%7.74%8.24%9.24%10.24%12.24%
61 to 72 Months7.99%8.24%8.74%9.74%10.74%12.74%
73 to 84 Months8.24%8.49%8.99%9.99%10.99%12.99%
Up to Kelly or NADA retail value, or cash price on contract, whichever is lower.

Used Vehicles: 2017 & Older*
Credit Score750+749-700699-660659-630629-600599-0
Up to 36 Months8.99%9.24%9.74%10.74%11.74%13.74%
37 to 48 Months9.24%9.74%10.24%11.24%12.24%14.24%
49 to 60 Months9.74%9.99%10.49%11.49%12.49%14.49%
Up to Kelly or NADA retail value, or cash price on contract, whichever is lower.

Rates subject to change at any time.  See full list of rates above. 

Madison Credit Union offers you everything you need to purchase your vehicle.

Flexible payment options – At MCU you control your auto loan. With terms up to 84 months, you can pick the monthly payment that works best for your budget. Plus you can pay monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly.

No penalties for early payoffs – We understand what it’s like to have monthly payments. If you pay your loan off early, we will be there celebrating with you!

No payments for 90 days^ – Get your auto loan and don’t make a payment for 90 days.

Confidence in your lender – We won’t sell your loan to another lender, it will be managed in-house for the life of the loan.

Low rate leader – Our priority is and always will be our members. We strive to consistently offer great low rates across all of our products.

All the extras – Along with auto loans we offer other services including Payment Protection Insurance, Warranty Plans and Guaranteed Protection Insurance.

Loan Payment Calculator

Use the drop-down loan rate tables above and the calculator below to calculate your estimated monthly payment amount. 

Buyout Your Lease

Can’t find a new car? Like the car you are currently leasing? We’ll help you buyout your current auto lease agreement.

In a market where used car prices are often higher than new car prices, the buyout option at the end of a lease could be a great opportunity for real savings, especially if you have a slightly used car.  Alternatively, if you are looking at heavy fees after you turn in your vehicle, buy it out instead and save on the fees.

Auto Warranty

MCU works with Vision Warranty Corporation in the Allstate® Family to offer Three Levels of No Hassle Warranty Coverage. You are protected against costly mechanical breakdowns without the dealer warranty price tag and can choose the licensed repair facility. See complete coverage breakdown here.

Call us at 608-266-4750 or email us with any questions.

Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance (GAP Insurance)

GAP is Total Loss Protection and then some… In a study from the car gurus at Black Book, the moment you drive your vehicle off the lot it depreciates approx. 11%. In total a car will depreciate 20-30% in just the first year and, on average, 15%-18% each year for the following two to six years. 

GAP insurance helps offset costs if your vehicle is stolen or totaled and you owe more on the car than what it’s worth. Unless you are putting down a large down payment, GAP insurance might be right for you.

Call us at 608-266-4750 or email us to learn more.

Payment Protection Credit Insurance 

Protect what matters most and ease your financial concerns by selecting Payment Protection Credit Insurance. Pays your loan payments (up to contract limit) in the event of illness or disability. Reduces or pays off insurance loan balance in the event of death. Call us at 608-266-4750 or email us to learn more.

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* APR is annual percentage rate. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, and collateral conditions. $1,000 new money required.
1 “New vehicles “are model year 2023 and newer. Other rates and terms available.
2 “Used Vehicles” are model year 2018-2022. Other rates and terms are available.
^ Interest continues to accrue during 90 day period.