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Bill Pay

Everything you need to know about online / mobile banking's Bill Pay feature.

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Bill Pay

A simple How-To Guide on using the Pay Anyone feature.

Madison Credit Union’s online banking and mobile banking systems offer a convenient way to pay all your bills in one place. 

Key Features

  • View payment amounts and due dates with eBills
  • Pay multiple bills at the same time
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Set up notifications (when a bill is due or when a bill is paid)
  • Easily add, edit, or delete payees
  • Edit payments or delete scheduled payments

Bills are paid via two methods

  • Electronic Payments – Funds will be withdrawn from the account on the selected payment send date and an electronic ACH payment will be made to the business within 1-2 business days. 
  • Check Payments – A check will be printed at Madison Credit Union and sent to the selected payee. Estimate 7 business days for the check to arrive. Funds will be withdrawn from the account when the payee deposits the check.

Whether a payment will be made electronically or via check depends on the payee. All payees listed in the dropdown list will have payments sent electronically. 

It’s important to note that this is just a sample list of the most popular companies. If you start typing the name of the company in the payee name it may auto populate. For example, if you start typing Madison Gas, the first suggested company is Madison Gas and Electric. 

If the company appears on the list or auto populates, the payment will be sent electronically.  There are also many instances, where you make the first payment via check and the company will configure their records and your following payments will all go electronically. For example, American Family Insurance appears on the list, but the address online banking has for them is different from the address on your bill. Always refer to the address on your bill to ensure your payment goes to the proper place. The first payment to American Family Insurance, with the address you added, will go via check. However, once American Family insurance receives the check, they will update their system and your following payments will all be made electronically.

Now, if you are sending a payment to a small local business, it is possible the payment will always go as a check.


Some companies offer eBills. After one or two electronic payments have been made to a company, next to your payee’s name will appear “Eligible for eBills. Enroll Now!” Most large companies will offer this option. 

Once enrolled in eBills, you will see the amount due, payment due date, and minimum balance information, if applicable. To enroll in eBills you will need your login username and password for the company’s website. For example, to pay your Chase credit card, it will ask you for the username and password that you use to log-in to your Chase account. If you haven’t set up a username and password with the company, you will have to do that first before being able to enroll successfully in eBills.

Things to keep in mind

  • You have until 5:00 PM ET on the day a bill is scheduled to be sent to make any changes. Payments set up after 5:00 PM ET will be sent the following business day.
  • Payments are only made on business days. If you have a recurring payment set up for the 15th of every month, and the 15th falls on a Sunday, the payment will not go through until the following Monday. 
  • Enrollment in Bill Pay is immediate, however, you must have a valid email address and an MCU checking account.

Easy to follow How-To videos