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Auto RV Promotion

Have Post Pandemic F.O.M.O?

by Bree Osterbrink Check Out Our Auto & Other Motorized Vehicle Loans FOMO  NOUN informal “Fear of missing out” - Fear of not being included in an exciting or interesting activity that others are experiencing. Let’s face it, the past…

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The 25 Best Money Jokes

The 25 best money jokes to keep you smiling all the way to the credit union. I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly. Q: Why didn't you report your stolen credit card?    A: The…

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Saving Tips And Tricks

Auto Buying Tips and Tricks

Auto Buying Tips and Tricks How to get the deals The new 2021 cars are hitting dealerships which means new 2020s are going to be on sale to make room for new inventory. It also means there will be a…

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Yellow Triangle Outlined In Black With A Black Exclamation Point In The Middle

Electronic Notices and Alerts

Madison Credit Union offers a variety of electronic notices and eAlerts to help you monitor your accounts. Electronic notices and eAlerts are free, easy, and convenient. You can quickly and easily sign-up for the alerts and notices that you need…

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White Ceramic Piggy Bank To Save Money

Save for Financial Security

Would something like an unexpected car repair put you in a precarious financial situation? According to a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder, more than 25% of American workers don’t set aside any monthly savings. Seventy-eight percent say they live paycheck…

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