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Keep Your MCU Accounts Safe with eAlerts

Madison Credit Union offers eAlerts to help you keep an eye on any suspicious activity in your accounts. 

Debit Card Alerts

Keep track of debit card purchases with activity alerts. Go to your debit card and click “Card Controls”. 


Then click “Edit Activity Alert Settings”.

Here you can:

  • Enable Activity Alerts – when a purchase is made
  • Alerts for when you card is not present (ie. online purchases)
  • Foreign transaction alerts when a purchase is made with a vendor from outside of the U.S.

Account Activity Alerts

Account eAlerts are great for monitoring daily balances, ACH transactions, account thresholds, and loan payment reminders.

To set it up, click on the “More” button on the bottom right corner of the mobile app. Then scroll down to find, “eAlert Subscriptions”.


Here you can click “Create New eAlert” and view your current alerts.

Here you can choose different types of alerts:

  • Daily Account Balance – an eAlert will arrive at the start of each business day with the account balance on the chosen account. 
  • Account Thresholds – an eAlert for when your account balance goes above or below a certain dollar amount. You can also choose to receive the actual balance or the available balance.
  • ACH Transactions – an eAlerts that shows when an ACH deposit or withdrawal has occurred
  • Number of Posted Transactions – an alert when the total transaction per day exceeds a designated amount.
  • Total of Posted Transactions – an alert with the total amount of deposits or withdrawals for the day.
  • Payment Due – an alert to remind you of an upcoming MCU loan payment.

All eAlerts can come via Secure Message Center (online/mobile banking message), Secure Message Center & Email Reminder, or Email notification only. 

Once signed up for text alerts you can also choose “Send a message to my mobile device(s)”. This option works in addition to one of the other Alert Destination options.

If you haven’t download our mobile app yet, you can download it here: Download of iOs  Download for GooglePlay Store