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How To: Account Jump

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Account Jumping is an online banking and mobile app feature that lets you jump between multiple Madison Credit Union accounts without having to log-in and log-out of different online banking accounts. It will also give you the added bonus of being able to easily transfer funds between the linked accounts.

Once you Jump to an account, you have full access to that account. You can view account balances, transfer money, remote deposit checks, manage debit cards, set up eAlerts, etc.

Who Account Jumping Benefits

  • If you have multiple primary Madison CU accounts under the same social security number.
  • If you have a primary Madison CU account but are also joint on a spouse’s or other person’s account.
  • If you have a primary Madison CU account and are joint on any youth accounts.
  • If you have a primary Madison CU account and are also a signee on an organizational account.

Eligibility for Account Jumping

  • You must be a Madison CU primary account holder (the main person on a Madison CU account)
  • You must be be a primary OR joint account holder on another Madison CU account
  • Your account and any accounts you want to Jump to must be set up with online banking access (a username and an active password)

How to Set Up Account Jumping

A Madison Credit Union staff member will have to set up account jumping for you. If you think you account jumping will work for you, call us at 608-266-4750 or email us here.

The linking process only takes a couple minutes but remember online banking has to be set up for all accounts.

Note: if you don’t access an account via the mobile app, account jumping, or online banking for more than 90 days, the password will expire and need to be reset.

How to Jump to a Linked Account

To jump to a linked account, simply click on the Personal Information and Settings icon (the circle account picture icon on the top right of online banking or the mobile app). Here you will see all linked accounts.

What You Can Do Once You have Jumped

You have full access to the Jumped to account. You can transfer money, check balances, remote deposit checks, and more.

How to Return to Your Primary Account

To return to your primary account, you will need to Jump back the same way you entered. Click the Personal Information and Settings Icon on the top right and select your primary account. If you are linked to multiple accounts, you will need to jump back to your primary account before being able to access any other linked accounts.

Account See Feature

The See feature is a limited version of the Jump feature. You can link multiple accounts in which you are a primary or joint member but instead of Jumping to the account and getting full access, you can only See the account. This is good if you only want to be able to transfer funds between the two accounts.

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