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85th Annual Meeting Recap

Hearts, flowers and laughs abounded during our Valentine's Day 85th Annual Meeting. Members met at the Goodman Community Center in the Evjue Room for an early evening of mingling, delicious pasta, decadent chocolate cake and cash prizes.  The Board of…

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Shred Fest 2022

MCU’s Shred Fest is back! And with a new partner. Shred Fest 2022 will be held in partnership with the Madison Fire Department Credit Union. We are teaming up to support all of our hometown heroes in keeping their information…

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sample letters

Mortgage Protection Scams

Mortgage Protection Insurance notices that appear to come from your lender You just refinance your mortgage or purchase a home and within a few weeks you start receiving official looking, Important Notice, Final Notice letters that appear to be from…

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Early Fraud Detection with eAlerts

MCU Fraud Alerts and Early Detection Tools In today's environment almost everything is online. This is great for efficiency and convenience, however, it can also make us more vulnerable. Madison Credit Union offers two types of alerts to help you…

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Smart Debt Pay Off Tips

Smart Debt Relief Tips

How to Smartly Pay Off Debt Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all plan to get rid of old debt. However, here are some smart tips to help get you on your way to being debt free. Pay off high-interest rates first.…

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