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Early Fraud Detection with eAlerts

MCU Fraud Alerts and Early Detection Tools

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In today’s environment almost everything is online. This is great for efficiency and convenience, however, it can also make us more vulnerable.

Madison Credit Union offers two types of alerts to help you manage any account charges or transactions that can stop fraud in it’s tracks.

Account eAlerts. You can set up eAlerts on the MCU mobile app or within online banking. Alerts can be set for when ACH transfers process, balance alerts (daily balances or minimum and maximum balances), number of daily transactions and more.

Debit Card Alerts. Get notified of any transaction made with your debit card. From the ‘More’ option on the MCU mobile app, click on ‘Manage My Cards’ in the top right, and select your debit card. Once selected, you can choose to ‘Edit Activity Alert Settings’.


Don’t have the mobile app yet? Get it here: 

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