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Policies and Procedures to Protect our Members

At Madison Credit Union, we work hard to ensure that your personal information stays safe and secure. Below our some of the policies and procedures we employ to protect our members personal information and their finances.

The Latest in Systems Security

  • We ensure all our operating systems are up-to-date and running the latest virus protection and firewall software.
  • Our systems are run using wired internet to prevent a scammer from hijacking our Wi-Fi.

Educated Employees

  • Employees are held to strict computer etiquette to ensure systems are never compromised.
  • All employees are kept informed of any common scams to which our members could fall victim.
  • Employees complete special training to help recognize signs of financial crimes, such as elder abuse.

Internal Processes Designed to Keep Our Member’s Information Secure

If a scammer gets hold of a person’s online banking information, the easiest way for them to move money out is to send money via Pay Anyone or Bill Pay. To counteract this, the credit union has set up failsafe features:

  • Personal information cannot be changed via online banking. Members can send an email requesting a change of address or phone number. We will call the member as a second security step to verify the changes.
  • Members receive an email notification when a new Bill Pay payee is set up.

If you have any questions about your account or our processes, please don’t hesitate to call us at 608-266-4750 or email us creditunion@madisoncu.com.