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Some members have reported calls from someone claiming to be from Madison Credit Union or the Madison Credit Union Fraud Department. They are saying that your debit card is locked or there are fraudulent transactions on your account. They say they can overnight you a new card and then phish for more information.

The scammers are spoofing our caller ID and phone number. They are also mentioning at least one former employee by name.


Hang up the phone. And DO NOT give any personal information to the caller.

Legitimate calls from the Madison CU fraud department DO NOT ask for your personal information. The real Madison CU fraud department will only confirm transactions you have done on your account or your debit card.

Our legitimate fraud department calls also DO NOT come from our Madison Credit Union office. They come from Nebraska and are generally a 1-800 number. A common number they use is: 800-327-8622.

If you have already given the scammers your information PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY (608)-266-4750 or call Star Debit Card at 1-800-523-4175 to cancel your card. You can also turn your debit card off via our Mobile App. Download our mobile app here: https://madisoncu.com/mobile-banking/


fraud textUPDATE: One member received a call and a text message from the scammers. The phone number came in as a 917 area code. Here is a screenshot of the text message. Again this is not the Madison Credit Union Fraud Department. Do not text back.

If you can, please send us an email at creditunion@madisoncu.com or call us at 608-266-4750.

Thank you.