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Chip Cards are Here

Madison Credit Union has begun to distribute chip cards. Beginning May 4, members whose cards expired were the first to receive chip cards. According to MCU President Ilene Fritschler, new cards will be distributed to members as their old cards expire or if their current card has become compromised. If you’re anxious to get a chip card and don’t want to wait until your current card expires, you can request that your card be reissued for a $5 fee.


Chip cards are easy to use and most merchants are using chip readers. Rather than swiping the card, you insert the card into the chip reader. Typically the chip reader asks you to confirm the purchase amount and then asks you to enter your 4-digit PIN. In many cases, if you prefer to make a credit transaction rather than a debit transaction, you can bypass the PIN and sign for the purchase. Either way, the money will come out of your MCU checking account.


If you’re wondering when you’ll receive your new chip card, check your current card’s expiration date. You can expect to receive your new card a month or two before your current card expires. Contact the credit union if you have any questions about chip cards or how to use them.