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Online Bill Pay Tips & Tricks

The new online bill pay system has been up and running for six months now. As with anything new, it takes a bit to become accustomed to it and perfect it. We appreciate the feedback you provide and we’re continually working to improve the product. Check out the following tips and tricks to improve your It’s Me 247 Bill Pay experience:

  • As time goes by, more and more merchants will be added to the list of electronic payees. If any of your merchants are still receiving paper checks, try re-entering the payee information to see if electronic payments are now available.
  • When scheduling payments, the system asks for the date the payment should be sent. Be sure to adjust the payment send date so the estimated arrival date coincides with the bill’s due date.
  • If you are making an electronic payment, make sure there will be money in your account on the date you schedule each payment. If there is not enough money in your account on the date the payment is scheduled to be sent, the payment will not occur and will need to be rescheduled.
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